< Faites-moi jouir

Released: 1977
Director: Michel Caputo as Michel Baudricourt
Notes: Clap 7 Production
Alternate Titles
  • Fais-moi jouir
  • Fantasmes erotiques d'une femme perverse
  • Jouissances (recto verso)
  • A Little Sex in the Night Dir. Michel Caputo as Michael Baudricourt USA, dubbed into English

Males -

  • Bernard Hug plays Mike
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Jacques
  • Charlie Schreiner plays Peter, presumably Pierre in French version

This film was released in the USA as A Little Sex in the Night. The credits give the Fremch title as an alternative, though seem to spell it wrong, and also give another alternative title, but both these are in very small and blurred print.

The American cast names are mostly fake, though the first name does appear on IMDB - Francoise Avril, Selina Starr, Rod Turner, Alison Pink, Charles Long, Linda Vinta. If the first is genuine it is not clear to whom it refers.

Charlie Schreiner plays the nephew of Richard and Liliane Lemieuvre. He is very inexperienced sexually and arrives to find the maid, Fabrette, lying on the kitchen floor covered with uncooked spaghetti and masturbating. He is too keen on studying to be interested in women but Martine eventually manages to arouse him. And when she does it won't go down. A doctor is called (Corinne Sintes) who gives him 'suction' but he's still erect.

Meanwhile Veronique and Bernard Hug have sneaked into the house for no apparent reason and have a threesome with Martine. Martine and Veronique both have their way with Charlie who is still erect.

The Lemievres are about to divorce and Liliane is frustrated as Richard is not interested in sex. Richard picks up Marilyn, a hitch hiker (XNK0107), and she tries Charlie and Richard at the same time. Charlie then has a foursome with Martine, Veronique and the doctor. Liliane has a foursome with the hitch-hiker, Richard and Bernard. Liliane relieves her frustrations with Bernard and finally there is a free for all.


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