< Extrêmes sévices

Released: 1984
Director: Andrei Feher as Andrew Whyte
Notes: Scandinavian Art Films, 77 mins., sequel to Castle of Pleasure

Males include -

  • Franck Mazard, as Jean Trend, plays George
  • Mark Friberg (whoever he is) plays Professor Balthazar, in a ridiculous blond wig
  • Eric Saville, uncredited here, plays Mark (from the dialogue) - a different role from his role as Abdullah in Castle of Pleasure)
  • Gil Lagardère (Dominique Saint-Clair), as Salvatore Amoroso, plays Salvatore, the interior decorator and male escort
  • Alain L'Yle (brief appearance only and uncredited here), plays a client
  • Pascal St. James (uncredited here) plays a client (A different version of this scene with Chantal Trobert - wearing a different outfit - appears in Castle of Pleasure, with Alan L'Yle.)
  • Johan Falck plays the General
  • Bengt Uhlin, non-sex, plays Pierre's father 'Papa', M. Leclerc
  • a young Costa, as Adam Hagman, plays Pierre (Leclerc), the supposedly homosexual son
  • Gabriel Pontello makes a very brief, uncredited, appearance

Five male extras appear as soldiers naked from the waist down.

Though there is some re-editing to create some slightly different scenes, most of the sex scenes, with some new performers, are entirely new to this title, which can therefore be regarded as episode 2 of Castle of Pleasure, though it is never so presented. It is not known whether Castle of Pleasure was ever released in France or whether Extrêmes sévices was ever released in an English-dubbed version. All of the clients in Castle of Pleasure seem to be portrayed as English or American and all of those in Extrêmes sévices are portrayed as French. One might almost think that one film was intended for the USA and the other for France, but that would seem to be wasteful of footage.

Again, Nadia, as an old lady in the same white wig, but a different dress from the one worn in Castle of Pleasure, wanders in her garden and introduces herself in the same way, and introduces each story from her memoirs. (There are more ‘old lady’ linking clips in this film.)

First we see what seems to be young Nadia speaking her answer machine message into the phone. Then we see the professor, with Zaza on his lap, speaking to Nadia on the phone while she cavorts in the garden in the same white leotard as she wore in a similar sequence (between 1 and 2) in Castle of Pleasure. Then there is a sex scene between the professor and Zaza (1 - a re-edited version of sex scene 1 in Castle of Pleasure, but some extra footage).

At the nightclub Vivi is on stage watched by Peter (if that is his name in this film). We also see brief glimpses of the same strippers as in Castle of Pleasure and a longer version of Zaza’s dance with more frenzied masturbation.

Vivi, wearing a pink dress, goes to join Peter and has sex with him (2). (This seems to be the same footage as in Castle of Pleasure but with Alain L’Yle edited out.)

Vivi returns home (still in the pink dress) to husband George and has the same argument and makes the same excuse of a modelling assignment and they make up on the sofa (3, possibly simulated).

Nadia and Salvatore have sex in the garden (4 - a different edit of the same footage in Castle of Pleasure).

Cut to old lady Nadia who tells us of a general and his sexually demanding wife. Cut to that couple as she demands sex from him and gets it (5).

Nadia phones Zita and gives her an assignment. She has to pretend to be a virgin (so certified by professor Balthazar). Monsieur and Madame Leclerc want to ‘cure’ their homosexual son and think a virgin will do it. Zita rollerskates to their apartment and manages to cure Pierre (6) who is so besotted that he tells his parents that Ophelia (Zita's true name so she says) is his fiancée. His mother faints.

Old lady Nadia introduces the topic of telephone sex. Young Nadia has sex with Salvatore while they are on the phone to Julia. Julia masturbates while Salvatore, pretending to be Romeo, makes love to Nadia (7).

Old lady Nadia returns to the topic of the general and his wife and we see the unsatisfied wife conducting a novel short-arm inspection of five trouserless troopers. None of them come up to her demanding standards. We then see Zaza in a similar bit of business answering phones as in the previous film, finally putting through a call from the general to her boss. The general wants to hire a stud for his wife.

Zaza and the professor have sex on a bed (8).

The general’s wife phones Nadia who sends Salvatore round to try to satisfy her lusts (9).

Some of the following scenes have the air of using up spare footage.

In the nightclub Zaza strips again and gives someone a blow job (10), possibly behind the bar. Other strippers are seen.

We briefly see Alain L’Yle with Vivi in footage from the previous film (11), possibly as a justification for another sequence involving George waiting for his wife to come home. This time he loses patience and decides to hire a girl for himself by ringing the escort service. In fact he hires two - one for himself and one for a friend.

One of those gitrls is Zita who strips for the two men and then puts on a lesbian show with Patricia before they have a foursome with swapping of partners and anal for Zita (12). George returns home and finds his wife Vivi asleep.

Nadia and Mark (Eric Saville) have sex indoors (13).

In the professor’s office, the prof is getting a blowjob (14) from a brunette in sunglasses and red headband (possibly securing a wig). Zaza walks in and is at first surprised then amused.

Nadia is waiting anxiously for Salvatore to return, which he does, dressed in an army tunic and leading the general’s wife on a leash.

Old lady Nadia sums up. The end.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm, and from skin flick.

Skin flick suspects that Whyte shot unrelated scenes in four or five different, but recognizable, locations but probably did not know what to do with them. He sometimes used the beginning of the soft-core version then switched to the hard-core ending. The cabaret scenes belong to some of his earlier features shot in Sweden. He also suspects that the parts with the guy in the ridiculous blond wig with all the Olinka posters on the walls were also shot in Sweden (maybe for another project). It is rather difficult to say if the end product is a second film or not. Skin flick would rather say it's another edited form of the same movie. But it is so disjointed that Dominique Saintclair starts by playing a new role here and then reverts to the part of interior decorator he played in Castle of Pleasure.


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