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Released: 1997
Director: 'Cold Farmer'
Notes: Puaka GB 60573

The original cover credits Christin, Katrin and Victoria. There are no cast-credits on the copy viewed - which ends abruptly at about 67 min., apparently half-way into a third scene. Males include Frank Hoppmann and Stefan Menzel.

The first scene, with Sandra and 6906 in a barn, is not well-choreographed; too much of the footage consists of (pretty unappealing) males repositioning themselves while desperately trying to coax out erections. The occasional use of a fisheye lens is execrable, giving a queasy 'hall of mirrors' effect in the close-ups. There is some anal but it's difficult to tell (and harder to care) which girl is on the receiving end. Lolits'a ensuing vaguely-BDSM 'bridal' bbbbg is considerably better, although there is still too much ineffectual fumbling by semi-impotent males - it improves markedly (albeit briefly) when the "Mr. Floppies" leave. A third scene, back in the bar, begins with Sandra and both XNKs giving blowjobs, at which point the film ends. With this inexplicable and inexcusable cut it seems the DVD-editors cared as much about the customer as the original production team - i.e. not at all. All in all, a textbook example of bad late-90s porn: lazy, incompetent and seemingly designed solely and entirely for the satisfaction of the male participants; and three decent girls wasted.


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