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Released: early 1970s
Director: Robert Grayson
Notes: shot in Denmark, original title not known, dubbed version released in USA 1975, Historic Erotica DVD 2005

All names in the credits could well be inventions for this film only.

Males -

  • Richard Maas plays Uncle Harry
  • Thomas Berg plays Charles
  • Rick Carter plays Jimmy
  • uncredited blond male who picks up Aunt Lisbeth at the bar
  • uncredited dark-haired male who picks up Aunt Lisbeth at the bar
  • uncredited male who is having sex with the prostitute when the above two arrive at the flat with Lisbeth
  • various non-sex male extras at the bar

This seems to be a Danish movie from the early 70s. The sound in this copy is English but dubbed by Europeans putting on a slight American accent and sounding slightly unnatural. The exteriors, e.g. the Zoo, are from Copenhagen. In the third minute a telegram is shown sent to a Copnehagen address, seemingly from a location in Germany.

Lisbeth is expecting a visit from her niece, Dori, and her boyfriend, Charles, and their friends Susan and Jimmy, another couple, for Dori's birthday. Meanwhile Lisbeth is frustrated that her own boyfriend, 'Uncle' Harry, is not paying her enough attention. This is not surprising as Harry's needs are being met at the office. On their first night at Aunt Lisbeth's the two young couples, initially segregated by sex, move from bedroom to bedroom and swap partners. Aware of this and increasingly frustrated as a result, Lisbeth goes out to a bar where she is picked up by two men and taken to a flat where a third man is already engaged in sex with a prostitute. An orgy ensues.

Next day the two girls go off to the zoo and the two boys seduce Lisbeth with a game of strip chess (yes, really). The two girls visit 'Uncle' Harry, seduce him, and persuade him to attend the birthday party where a final orgy develops.

Video on Demand (Stream)  8.95 USD Gamelink: European Lovers Historic Erotica
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