< L'Enlèvement des Sabines

Released: 1976
Director: Pierre Unia as Renau Pieri
Alternate Titles
  • Les Insoumises
  • Les Petites curieuses
  • Les Petites curieuses font les grandes salopes

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello plays Gabriel
  • Cyril Val plays Monsieur Hervil
  • Semai Naed (male?)
  • Bernard Hug
  • Patrick Lyonnet plays Patrick the waiter
  • Gil Duroc
  • Guy Gerbaud
  • Julien
  • Philippe Chosson
  • Norbert Ciret
  • Jean-Claude Ast
  • Patrice Mranzano

Pamela Stanford is credited in the cast and consequently can only be the one playing the brunette with the US accent although she looks quite different from the picture on her egafd page.

The film opens with pictures showing Danièle Troeger among grape harvesters near Auxerres, France. Then we switch to a man carrying a film into a projection room where he meets a brunette with an American accent (Paméla Stanford?). They run the film and the girl comments on the scene featuring Martine Grimaud with two men, while her partner makes love to her.

Monsieur Hervil (or so it sounds to me !) is greeted in his office by his two secretaries and after sending one out (Françoise) he soon takes care of the other's beautiful body (splendid Cristel Lauris)

Back to Danièle Troeger turning down Gil Duroc's tender suggestion.

Sabine Bérard calls Lili on the phone to invite her to a meeting they are supposed to hold soon. Gabriel takes Danièle Troeger out in Patrick's car but when things get hot between them, she tells him she has to go to an appointment and leaves him.

Since three of them are called Sabine, the assembled girls decide to call their group "Le Club des Sabines" and plan an outing to Paris in a rented minibus with chauffeur. On hearing about this, the boys decide to do something too.

In Paris, the girls pay a visit to a clothing shop (lucky attendant who has to compare the merits of Marlène Myller and France Quénie's breasts!) Then they all pay a visit to Sabine Rivière who works as a stripper at SEXY, a sex-theatre.

The minibus carrying the seven girls (Lili has remained home, and Sabine Rivière is working) is hijacked by bikers dressed in black leather. The bus is taken to Montrouge, a suburban town near Paris) where the girls will be kept prisoners. The boys order the girls to tell about their sins and each one is asked to undress before telling their story.

Danièle Troeger comes first and tells about her masturbating while reading a newspaper article and reminiscing about her interrupted encounter with Gabriel.

Then it's Sandrine Pernelle's turn who tells about her boss's attempt at seducing her and her subsequent love encounter with the man who had come to her rescue. Notice her beautiful hoarse voice.

Véronique manages to escape and to phone Sabine Rivière for help before being caught again and brought back with the others. Then comes Marlène Myller's turn to tell her sin. She recalls a threesome with Monsieur Hervil and his blonde secretary Françoise - Notice Myller's natural and very feminine squeals.

But the party comes to an end when Sabine Rivière pops up with a gun and reverses the situation. The boys who turn out to be those from the village (anybody surprised?) are now in a weak position and asked to tell a story too.

Patrick tells about his tender encounter with the delicious Lili (hey, who was your husband working with at this very moment Mrs Lemieuvre?!). Strangely, Patrick is asked for a second time to tell a story (editing mistake?) and this time her partner is the wonderful Cristel Lauris in a bathtub.

When the time comes for Gabriel to tell his story, instead of the obvious scene involving Danièle Troeger, we are treated with an extract from Candice Candy which looks a bit odd here (colours and light are so different) but was probably welcome at that time without VCRs for the opportunity to see again a scene seen a few weeks before in the same cinema.

Véronique (who had a university degree in English studies) decides to have a litlle drink-and-slap-each-other's-face between two boys.

Danièle Troeger leaves the room put off by the other girls'attempts at seducing the boys. She is soon cheered up by very tender Sandrine Pernelle and Emmanuelle Rivière.

Meanwhile, downstairs the situation evolves towards the unavoidable-yet-long-awaited final orgy.

The film ends on the happy couple (Danièle Troeger and Gabriel Pontello) having a nice time together. Not a word about children and happily living together ever after but they sure were true to John Lennon's call to come together!

Notice Gabriel's extra ball to fully please his partner who must have been a bit frustrated by his coming at the very moment she was on the verge of doing so herself.

Very nice film. Beautiful girls only, well written dialogues and a story that played its part ie take us from one sex scene to the other without any feeling of boredom and introduce us to a group of performers who obviously got on well together. Definitely nice!



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