< Elles en veulent

Released: 1979
Director: J. F. Hautin as Max Turbay
Alternate Titles
  • Le Maître

Males include -

  • Alban Ceray plays Georges
  • Hubert Géral plays the Master of Ceremonies
  • Ivan Slave (Pjotr Stanislas), as Pjotr Stan, plays Igor

Information from La Saison Cinematographique 1981, translated by Prophilo.

Hubert Géral has been appointed Master of Ceremonies by a man who organizes orgies and has such a big penis that he can't make it with women and so only watches. Hubert's wife wishes she could try that man and both husband and wife celebrate the opportunity in the bathroom. In the next room, his sister masturbates while watching and listening to them. She contacts the man (who will be called The Master from now on) by phone to take part in his orgies and meet him. He warns her he's bearded and limps. They meet.

Orgy time. Hubert Géral tells George to take Sophia on the table in front of the group. Then it's The Master's time to play with Hubert's wife, soon joined by his sister. Now is Igor's time with Julia, The Master's daughter. When The Master orders Hubert Géral to make it with his sister, the brother has nothing against it (neither has the sister).

Final orgy time: The Master of Ceremonies tells the group to suck, fuck and sodomize everybody. Igor gets sucked by Sophia and The Master (just like in L'éducation pornographique de Virginie). Flore Soller makes it with Barbara Moose. Igor takes care of The Master. Julia tries on Hubert Géral. Igor moves on to Flore Soller. Classic orgy. Elodie Delage has never been so beautiful - don't miss her panties down her buttocks! Some Russian dialogues for Igor but not uttered by Pjotr Stan's voice. Barbara Moose's dark curly wig suits her perfectly (but why has she swapped her silver straight-haired wig from the previous scene?)

Sophia calls The Master to find out George's address. Then Hubert Géral's sister asks him for George's phone number, but this time he refuses obviously irritated at his success. Sophia sucking and fucking George (Can anybody not fall in love with that beauty? But is this dialogue stupid?!)

The Master apologizes to Hubert's sister for not finding (quote) 'the man she was looking for'. Instead, he introduces her to a young man and she seems to be able to put up with him (Jesus those breasts!) No mention of his coming very quickly!

Glimpse or The Master uttering his irritation at George's success with women (Mais qu'est-ce qu'il a donc, ce mec! ) and there they are, the sister and George, in the same bed and without any explanation.

Forget the silly dialogue, the inconsistancies in the story and Barbara Moose's different wigs, the scenes are quite convincing and the girls/women quite exciting. Too bad the one playing the sister doesn't seem to appear in any other film, her breast could have challenged Brigitte Lahaie's! But Barbara Moose's are quite a treat too. As for Elodie Delage's buttocks... 'Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy' as someone used to sing!



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