< Emanuelle - perché violenza alle donne? DVD available

Released: 1977
Director: Joe d'Amato
Notes: soft porn / exploitation, sequences of hardcore in some versions
Alternate Titles
  • Confessions of Emanuelle UK
  • The Degradation of Emanuelle DVD available video and DVD title
  • Emanuela Alle Lüste Dieser Welt
  • Emanuelle Around the World
  • Emanuelle Versus Violence to Women
  • Le Vice dans la peau France, on-screen title of Severin DVD

The Russian DVD includes some hardcore footage. In a scene where Laura Gemser is snooping around in a sheik's harem, she stumbles upon several couples gathered in a room having sex and she photographs them with her secret camera. We see a woman giving a blowjob, and another woman who is vaginally penetrated with a banana. This footage is extremely brief - only a few seconds. Giuseppe Marroccu (from Malabimba) is the man who uses the banana on the blonde woman. All the other sex scenes in the film are softcore.

But it turns out a longer hardcore version also exists. Severin has released a French XXX version on DVD. The on-screen French title on this version is Le vice dans la peau.

This version contains some hard footage during the sequence in the palace of Guru Shanti (George Eastman). Lots of couples are gathered around and have sex on the floor. There's some brief penetration visible here and there but we never get a good look at the faces of most of the participants. There's a close-up of a curly-haired blonde who is giving a blowjob, and most notably there is some vaginal penetration shots in Laura Gemser's sex scene. However, it's seen only in close-ups and looks like it was performed by a body double.

Later on, there's a scene of some bestiality where a tied up woman gets a big snake inserted into her vagina (faked) and another woman (though with no visible penetration) is fucked by a dog!

Finally, there's the scene in the sheik's harem where Laura Gemser stumbles upon several couples gathered in a room having sex and she photographs them with her secret camera. There's a brunette (XNK3175) who is seen giving a blowjob and who is also briefly fucked from behind. Then there's a blonde woman (XNK3176) who is vaginally penetrated with a banana by a middle-aged bespectacled man (Giuseppe Marroccu from Malabimba). Some other women are also briefly seen - including a blonde who gets her pussy eaten by an older man.

All the other sex scenes in the film are softcore but the hard scenes are clearly part of the original film and not inserts added later.

Johan Melle

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