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Released: 1975
Director: Jean-François Davy
Notes: both French and Italian DVDs available
Alternate Titles
  • Confessione erotiche di Claudine
  • Le Confessioni intime di Claudine later Italian release with added archive footage
  • Tagebuch eines Pornomädchens West Germany
  • Béatrice Harnois
  • Brigitte Lahaie brief, clip of scene from another film, in later Italian release only
  • Britt Corvin archive footage, Italian version
  • Claudine Beccarie
  • Ellen Earl as Ellen Coupey, but as Ellen Davy in the later Italian release
  • Frédérique Barral
  • Gilda Arancio uncredited, g/g clip from another film, in later Italian release only?
  • Mandarine
  • Marie-Noëlle Louvet
  • Maude Carolle uncredited, brief, clip of scene from another film, in later Italian release only
  • XNK0099 archive footage in later Italian release only
  • XNK0100 archive footage in later Italian release only
  • XNK0101 archive footage in later Italian release only
  • XNK0102 archive footage in later Italian release only, hardcore may be body doubled as seen only in close up
  • XNK0103 archive footage in later Italian release only
  • XNK0104 archive footage in later Italian release only
  • XNK0105 archive footage in later Italian release only
  • XNK0106 archive footage in later Italian release only
  • XNK5842 Italian video only, seen briefly a couple of times in the clip from Jungle Erotic, non-sex
  • XNK5846 seen briefly in clip from the making of Change pas de main, referred to as Chantal

Males -

  • Benoît Archenoul
  • Michel Dauba
  • Didier Faya (uncredited in French release?)
  • Patrick Segalas
  • Guy Royer, uncredited (archive footage, only in the Italian release)

The Italian version has the following title sequence:

Le Confessioni Intime di Claudine; Una Produzione Andromeda International Films (Atene); con Giorgio Firas, Ellen Davy, Nikos Stratis, Frederique Barral, Claudine Beccarie nella parte di Claudine; regia Daniel Milas

But Italian credits are notoriously unreliable. Also this is a later release with added archive footage, some of which must date from after the original release and some of which seems to be of American origin.

This is a documentary about the career of Claudine Beccarie with clips from films and some behind the scenes footage where she appears to be directing. Also some footage of her in an editing suite looking at the footage and in the foyer of a cinema talking to fans. Posters in the background seem to show Claudine in a film called Les Joyeuses.

Film clips and behind the scenes clips show (intercut with repetition of some situations): a couple of blondes with a male (XNK0099 and XNK0100, not in the orginal version); Ellen Earl, Béatrice Harnois, Frédérique Barral and male, all nude; blonde in shower cap (possibly American Kathryn Ford or more probably a lookalike as the scene does not appear in the softcore original, While the Cat's Away...) and male (not in the original version); two brunettes (one may be Claudine, one is Mandarine); back to one of the blondes (XNK0100) giving a blowjob (not in the original version); Béatrice Harnois, Frédérique Barral, male, clothed; brunette, nude (XNK0101); Claudine and blonde (Gilda Arancio) g/g (not in the original version); orgy - blonde (XNK0102) and Richard Lemieuvre dance then have sex on the floor, Guy Royer sits on a couch with Brigitte Lahaie and Maude Carolle - they watch then have a threesome (a soft version of this clip was also used as a flashback in Jungle Erotic, it was not in the original version of either film); a possibly different nude brunette (XNK0103); brunette giving blow job (XNK0104); a busty brunette in badly lit room (XNK0105); brunette b/g in woods (XNK0106). None of these last are in the original version.

The footage featuring XNK0099 and XNK0100 also turns up in the Mike Hunter versions of two American films: Das Sexamulett which is The Sinful Pleasures of Reverend Star with scenes in the wrong order and Der Sex-Reporter which is a version, with hard inserts and some attempted possibly original hardcore, of While the Cat's Away..., a softcore film of 1972 directed by Chuck Vincent. However, it is probably originally German. To confuse matters further footage from Der Sex-Reporter, but a scene not present in While the Cat's Away..., but consistent with its storyline, is also used (woman in hairnet or shower cap with repairman, at least resembling Kathryn Ford if not actually her).

There appear to be at least four versions extant. These are of various lengths. A French DVD has a version at 1 hour 54 mins. An Italian DVD has a version of 1 hour 42 mins. with a choice of languages. XXL, the French satellite TV channel, broadcast a version of 1 hour 22 mins. The Italian release with inserted extra hardcore sequences from other sources, Le Confessioni Intime di Claudine, is 1 hour 24 mins, including the initial Shendene screens; so, as far as the original footage is concerned, the last must be the shortest version.


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