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Released: 1975
Director: Alain Nauroy as Lino Ayranu
Notes: Les Films du Berry / France Continental Films, 70 mins. (film)
Alternate Titles
  • Africa Fuckdreams MIke Hunter DVD box title, 63 mins.
  • Africa Love Mike Hunter
  • African Fuckdreams DVD available Mike Hunter DVD on-screen title

This is a sister film to P... comme pénétration .

Males -

  • Richard Darbois plays Jack (body doubled by Cyril Val for h/c)
  • Cyril Val plays the housemaid's lover
  • Alban Ceray plays the man at the bar, receives bj
  • Manu Pluton plays the male sex show performer
  • Madou Sal plays the bartender
  • unidentified black French actor plays Monsieur Donia, non-sex
  • local actor plays the chief, body doubled by Manu Pluton
  • local (?) males in (simulated?) sex roles
  • local extras (Danier, chief's men)

Jack returns home to discover that his wife Jane has left. While the housemaid is having her way with a man, he overhears that she won't be back soon. Concerned, he heads to the bar he frequents and learns from the bartender that Jane departed for Africa with Danier, a friend of the bartender. Jack shows his intent to seek her there. The bartender convinces him to travel with seasoned swinger-type Anne who was born in Africa and is experienced in dealing with Africans. (Sylvia Bourdon sucking on Madou Sall, Ingrid d'Eve with similar treatment on Alban Ceray.)

The odd couple now travel to Africa and stay at a resort. They learn of a place Jane and Danier have gone. The place turns out to be a sex club for female tourists, run by a sleazy local named Monsieur Donia who happens to be Danier's friend as well. Hearing he will be paid in dollars for information, Donia stages a sex show for the visitors' amusement. Anne inevitably joins in, followed by the bartender, this time wearing a boubou. (When did he arrive in Africa anyway?) Jack, having acted reluctantly until now, decides to participate in the kinky ongoings and at the end of the orgy, one of the girls (Nadia Day) tells him she knows the whereabouts of Jane and Danier.

The girl takes them to a beach and the ladies grab the opportunity to have a lesbian session. Just after they are done, a bunch of tribesmen appear and abduct the three. Now, this is a funny sequence. Anne is given a wooden dildo to masturbate but she refuses and chooses the largest one in the set. After some masturbation with the big dildo and an elephant tusk, a tribesman proceeds to have clumsy simulated sex with her, while the black girl sucks a limp tribesman. Later, Anne happily sucks and swallows the chief to learn where Jane is. The three now take a boat on the river (where Anne masturbates) and reach sand dunes. On the beach, Jane arrives naked on horseback to meet with Danier. (Their scene starts in missionary but turns into a 69, possibly due to 'wood problems'.) Jack approaches Jane and begs for her to return but she strictly rejects him. Thankfully, Anne is there to console his broken heart and the film ends after she passionately kisses Jack.

Débordements de plaisir was shot back-to-back with P... Comme pénétration, combining outdoor footage from a genuine African location and indoor scenes (and hardcore inserts) shot in Paris. Unlike its sister film, it makes some limited use of local talent.

B. S.

Film information updated a little with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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