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Director: Frank Simon
Notes: Showtime
Alternate Titles
  • Il Diario segreto di Simona DVD title

Males -

  • Richard 'Langin'
  • Zoltan Drago (Jolth Walton)
  • Francis Dorč (Frank Gun)
  • (Bob) Terminator

(Notes by Len801) The movie has a rather brief runtime. There is not much plot aside from Simona writing down either real-life sexual experiences or outright fantasies. It is rather silly seeing Simona Valli in her room full of stuffed toys - were the filmmakers trying to copy Cicciolina in some way? We really don't understand what makes Simona tick or what is the sexual fire supposedly burning inside her. She just goes from one coupling to another like she was going for a pizza or buying a new purse. The sex was varied but seemed rather mechanical, and there is no one scene that is really outstanding. The copy I saw was in Italian dialogue but obviously badly-dubbed (not that the voices were bad, but no real effort was made to try to sync' the voices with the spoken dialogue). It hardly justified the price of a rental.

  1. Simona is seen walking around and window-shopping in a large eastern European City (probably Budapest). She returns home and briefly masturbates on a bed, then she goes to a park, sits on a bench and briefly caresses her hairy pussy.
  2. She goes to a shoe-store and is told the assistant (Walton) that it's closing-time and can't serve her; she insists and he relents. While she is trying some shoes he has selected for her, she frequently lifts up her skirt and shows off her bush, which he is soon licking. Things progress to BJ, vaginal and anal sex, until he pulls out and cums all over her ass.
  3. Simona (here, non sex) is writing a fantasy in her diary about videotaping a young couple having sex on a couch. Marina (Kathy Marceau) and Marco (Terminator). The scene ends with Marco jerking off over her stomach.
  4. Simona goes to the dentist and starts making out with the dental nurse Franca (Judith Ramirez). Then the dentist (Lengin) comes in and begins drilling a tooth, but Simona is way too sexually turned on to remain calm and so they have a threesome. It ends with a long dual BJ from the girls and Simona jerks him off mostly over her mouth.
  5. Simona has an erotic fantasy in which she is asleep in bed, when a masked burglar (Gun) enters her room and shines his flashlight on her semi-nude body. She puts on the light, approaches him and pulls down his pants. She blows him and he fucks her in doggie, first vaginally then anally, followed by a tit-fuck and more vaginal sex in several positions. It ends with Simona jerking him off over her open mouth.
  6. Another erotic fantasy in which Simona is dancing in near-darkness with a stranger (Gun) wearing dark sunglassesand leather outfit. He begins to undress her, they kiss, she starts removing his pants when the lights go on and finds herself with several other couples in the room, nude but wearing masks. Judith is paired with Walton, Marceau with Lengin. Terminator is the odd-man-out, simply wanking off at first while the others have sex. There is some changing of partners and Simona gets DP'd by Lengin and Terminator. Terminator jerks off over her ass and backside, Simona jerks off Lengin over her face. Walton jerks off over Kathy's pussy, Gun jerks off over Judith's pussy.

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