< Des culs d'enfer

Director: Michaël Smitt
Notes: 1 hr 10 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Los Deseos del Diablo Spain, Negro & Azul
  • The Devil (Possession) Diamond Entertainment, a Chucky Brown production

Males -

  • Hanzo
  • Stephan
  • Titof

It is difficult to work out the original title of this film. The version seen is a Spanish video released by Negro & Azul, but the on-screen titles begin with 'Diamond Entertainment presents', then 'a Chucky Brown production', then 'The Devil (Possession)' all in a similar font. The threesome involving Océane, Fovéa and a male is tenuously linked in to the rest of the film by a caption reading 'A une centaine de kilemètres de lá...' with 'A few hundred miles further away...', but it has nothing to do with the theme and its purpose seems little more than padding, though it does suggest some French involvement in the production as Fovéa and Océane are fully credited.

The 'plot' involves a man (presumably the devil) appearing to young nuns, pointing at them and thus making their crosses fall to the ground, then having sex with them or persuading them to have sex with each other or with a similarly possessed young monk. This all takes place outdoors. Fovéa and Océane and their male partner are found indoors in a normal domestic sitting room and dressed, initially, in ordinary clothes.

There is a definite feel of two pieces of spare footage being cobbled together here.


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