< La Doctoresse a des gros seins

Released: 1988
Director: Alain Payet as John Love
Notes: Antares/Penguin
Alternate Titles
  • La Doctoresse DVD available Tabu

Credits - Sophie David, Samantha Strong, Corinne Brion, Monique Carel.

Cast (all French) -

Females -

  • Marie-Christine Covi credited as Sophie David
  • Blonde #1 (night duty nurse, nonsex)
  • Brunette #1 (night patient, nurse)
  • Brunette #2 (shaved patient)
  • Blonde #2 (short nurse)
  • Brunette #3 (nurse)

Males -

  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Philippe Soine
  • Etienne Jaumillot
  • Jean-Paul Bride
  • Désiré Bastareaud

Marie-Christine Covi is a doctor of a clinic. The movie starts at night, Marie-Christine Covi masturbates a guy (face not shown but it's J. P. Armand). In a room, a woman patient rings the nurse. MC. Covi answers the call and has a lesbian scene with her.

The next day, she welcomes Etienne Jaumillot (an old actor) and when he says he looks forward to her therapy, she shows him her breast.

Meanwhile, Jean Paul Bride (John Love's actor who loves inserting stuff) enter a patient room and proceeds to fist the brunette in there. In another room, a nurse (played by the brunette who rang the previous night) gives Désiré (a black midget, another favorite actor of John Love) a blow job. J. P. Armand joins in, doing the main hardcore action. The scene ends with a faked cumshot.

J. P. Bride returns to his patient and shaves her. Then he calls in J.P. Armand before leaving. J. P.Armand has anal sex with the brunette.

M. C. Covi walks around the clinic with her white blouse open and shows her breast and white lingerie.

E. Jaumillot stops a short blonde nurse and pays her to manipulate his penis. Later, she tells this story to a colleague in a kitchen. They start rubbing each other, and J. P. Armand enter the kitchen. The nurses suck him, then they go to the living room where the nurses get anal sex.

At night, the blonde nurse does a striptease for E. Jaumillot, that almost kills him. M. C. Covi comes to his rescue and revives him with some breast slapping/rubbing. Then she fucks J. P. Armand and P.Soine in a living room. She gets a DP and the guys come on her neck and breast.



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