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Released: 1987
Director: Giorgio Grand as Double Gi
Notes: Paradise Visuals DVD, also stars Amber Lynn and Tracey Adams
Alternate Titles
  • Supermaschio per mogli viziose

Credited cast -

  • John Holmes plays John Holmes
  • Tracey Adams plays a German tourist
  • Karin Schubert plays Karin
  • Amber Lynn plays a German tourist
  • Erminio Bianchi, as Erminio Fasani, plays John's psychiatrist
  • Brigitte Moreau
  • Carmine Delvechio
  • Dominique Duget
  • Mario Antonelli
  • Marina Hedman plays Marina

Additional cast -

  • Christopher Clark plays Jean, John's friend
  • Jean Pierre Armand plays Pierre, John's friend
  • Kieran Canter plays The Devil (non sex)

Presumably "Carmine Delvechio" and "Mario Antonelli" are pseudonyms for Christophe Clark and Jean Pierre Armand, while Kieran Canter most likely goes uncredited.

Mary (Karin's maid) is played by Marianna and the psychiatrist's secretary is played by Jacky del Rio. They must be credited as Brigitte Moreau and Dominique Duget, but I don't know which is which.

Plot -

John Holmes works in a bank but has low self-esteem and is very insecure with women. He gets treatment from a psychiatrist (Erminio Bianchi) but is unable to overcome his problem. One day the Devil (Kieran Canter) appears to John and offers to help him. But first John must sign a blank contract with him. John reluctantly agrees and the Devil in return makes John a super-seducer who can charm any woman by just looking deep into her eyes. John quickly starts using his new gift to seduce his boss's wife Karin (Karin Schubert), whom he has been lusting after for a long time. Together with his two horny buddies (Christophe Clark and Jean Pierre Armand), he also seduces two German tourists (Tracey Adams and Amber Lynn). John gets Karin to introduce him to her friend Marina (Marina Hedman), who is living in a very unhappy marriage. Marina can't bring herself to be unfaithful but John's devil-gaze changes her mind and they have sex while Karin secretly watches them and masturbates. John also shares his conquests with his two buddies, and finally he invites his psychiatrist over for a big orgy so he can see that John is cured of his shyness towards women. After the big orgy with John, Karin, Marina, Karin's maid, the German tourist girls, John's buddies and the psychiatrist, John is visited by the Devil again. He has come to collect what John owes him. The Devil wants some of John's lovin' too and starts unbuttoning his pants. John protests in vain and the film ends with the Devil laughing as he approaches John...

Scenes -

  1. the psychiatrist's secretary (facial), Erminio Bianchi [BJ scene only]
  2. Karin Schubert (facial), John Holmes (and Karin's maid watching and masturbating)
  3. Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn [lesbian scene]
  4. Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn, Christophe Clark, Jean Pierre Armand
  5. Karin Schubert, Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn, Karin's maid, John Holmes [orgy scene]
  6. Marina Hedman (facial), John Holmes (with Karin Schubert watching and masturbating)
  7. Marina Hedman (facial, DP), Christophe Clark, Jean Pierre Armand
  8. Karin Schubert, Marina Hedman, Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn, Karin's maid (anal), John Holmes, Christophe Clark, Jean Pierre Armand, Erminio Bianchi [orgy scene]

John Holmes' final film has an idiotic plot and the English dubbing is really horrible. The actual sex scenes, however, are top-notch! All the performers are very sexy and perform with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. A minor classic!

Johan Melle


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