< Les Délices du tossing DVD available

Released: 1982
Director: Gerard Kikoine
Notes: Gold Productions / Alpha France, Blue One / Alpha France DVD (may be shorter) with Bordel pour femmes (Les Clientes) and Hôtel pour jeunes filles
Alternate Titles
  • Gli Amore di Laura Italy box title, dubbed version of German release
  • Hey Baby, hey English title of German release
  • Hey-Baby-Hey DVD available Tabu Love

Written by Claude Mulot.

Charlotte Millet, who plays L'infirmière (the nurse gang-banged on the operating table), looks a bit like Jane Baker, also a bit like the woman who drags Richard Lemieuvre into the dungeon in Der Frauenarzt vom Place Pigalle).

Males -

  • Dominique St Clair plays Le chirurgien (this is the male Dominique St. Clair, i.e. Gil Lagardère)
  • Alban Ceray plays Le patron
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays Un aventurier-chirurgien
  • Dominique Aveline plays Un chirurgien aventurier
  • André Kay plays Le postier
  • Gabriel Pontello plays L'homme de l'escalier
  • Hubert Geral plays L'homme au rêve
  • Ghislain Garet plays le mondain

Another male apart from Ghislain Garet takes part in an orgy with Mascha Mouton, Carole Pierac, Marianne Aubert and Christine Black.

There is an incomprehensible plot (that is incomprehensible to me, but see below) where messenger girls using mopeds go around having sex with clients (and passers-by), with their boss (Alban Ceray) and with each other. Cathy Stewart seems to be the ring leader, punishing the boss for taking advantage of the office girl (Patricia Santos), having sex with a surgeon in a hospital lift and with a man walking a dog (Gabriel Pontello) in a stairwell. Her gang consists of Marilyn Jess, Marianne Aubert and Christine Black. The last two are persuaded to join in an orgy with two males and Mascha Mouton and Carole Pierac dressed in 20s costumes. The gang later seem to slip something to a nurse (Charlotte Millet) so that she will strip off in the operating theatre and be gang banged by the surgeons so that the miniservices girls can measure the size of the cocks on display and find the masked surgeon who satisified Cathy in the lift. the surgeon in question, Gil Lagardère, then also appears briefly at the end as a surprise for Cathy Stewart - his penis having been the winner in the unusual Cinderella contest.

D. Jones informs us on the forum that 'the plot centers on "tossing". Tossing is a trend Cathy Stewart picked up during her US holiday. You look someone in the eyes, give him or her a sign, and if he or she responds, you fuck – without speaking. Because they didn’t speak, Cathy doesn’t know the name of the surgeon. So she and the other girls are searching for this man.'

DVD  18.99 EUR Orgazmik: Hey Baby Hey Tabu Film
   35.99 EUR Orgazmik: Les Delices Du Tossing / Bordel Pour Femmes / Hotel Pour Jeunes Filles Blue One
Video on Demand (Download)  7.99 EUR Orgazmik: Hey Baby Hey Tabu Film
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