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Released: 1988
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Alternate Titles
  • Streetgirls West Germany, Scandinavian Pictures

Pays several nods to 1984's mainstream Crimes of Passion, particularly in L'Yle's turn as a deranged, hooker-obsessed priest (Anthony Perkins in the Hollywood film). Very much more watchable than Ken Russell's original, too - although it's a little odd that Sophie and Caroline were so under-utilized.

There seem to be four spare aliases for two of the streetwalkers plus 7069, although it's possible that another non-sex role has been overlooked. As 'Nadia Natt' appears relatively high in the cast-list it's possible that this represents 7069.

Males -

  • Gérard Luig
  • Alain L'Yle
  • Jean-Paul Bride
  • Jérome Proust (J Vallin?)
  • William Gray
  • Philippe Soine
  • Jacques Marbeuf as Victor Vallet (non-sex)
  • J. B. Doll (presumed male)

Scenes (thanks to maxou392):

  1. XNK7069, Luig - Facial
  2. Isabelle, Helena (g/g)
  3. Isabelle (b/g), Jerome Vallin. Intercut with:
  4. Laura in peep-show (anal toying)
  5. Helena (b/g), Soine
  6. Helena (DP), Soine, Vallin
  7. Isabelle (b/g), L'Yle. Intercut with:
  8. Laura (anal), Luig
  9. Isabelle (b/g), Luig - Facial
  10. brief non-sex episode where Luig turns down 7069's advances
  11. Isabelle (b/g), L'Yle
  12. Caroline, Helena, unknown male. Helena's part is almost non-sex; Caroline gives a BJ and after some doggy humping gets a cumshot over her bum, but no actual penetration is seen
  13. Isabelle (b/g), Luig.
  14. Helena strips (non-sex) for the wheelchair-bound Marbeauf.
DVD  24.95 EUR Orgazmik: Du Boudoir au Trottoir Marc Dorcel
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