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Released: 1975
Director: John Hilbard
Notes: comedy / (mostly) soft porn, some brief moments of hardcore and near hardcore
Alternate Titles
  • Come To My Bedside US cable TV title

Males -

  • Søren Strømberg plays Børge
  • Paul Hagen plays Hagbard, Kirsten's father and Cæcilie's husband
  • Ole Søltoft plays Svend, Hagbard and Cæcilie's neighbour
  • Steen Frøhne plays Egon
  • Arthur Jensen plays Egon and Kirsten's boss
  • Valsø Holm plays the supervisor at Egon and Kirsten's work
  • Michel Hildesheim plays husband of rich woman
  • Hans Jørgen Jacobsen plays jealous boyfriend in bar

Børge and Kirsten are newly-weds who encounter some problems when Børge suggests oral sex. Kirsten is shocked ("It's not natural!") and calls her mother, who immediately tells her daughter to get a divorce. Børge moves out and rents a room from the stern Mrs Petersen ("No visitors at night!"), who lives alone with her "little boy". Egon, the "little boy", turns out to be in his early twenties, and works as a photographer at a micro-chip company.

Børge enjoys his new-found freedom. He picks up Lili and Rita, two liberated girls, at a restaurant and they go back to his place (luckily, Mrs Petersen works nights now and then) for some strip poker and sex. Egon drops by and whispers to Børge that his mother is at work. He also takes some pictures.

Børge, a salesman of sun lamps, also has a sexual adventure with a rich female client in a fancy villa. Her husband catches them in the middle of the act, but sits down and watches ("Please carry on. I'm a little too old for this stuff myself, but I like to watch").

Egon admires Børge for his easy ways with women. Together they visit a night club, where a stripper sings a song. Børge tries to pick up a girl for Egon ("Hello. It's my friend's birthday, and I promised him some pussy. Would you be interested?"). Girl #1 slaps him, girl #2 has a jealous (bodybuilder) boyfriend, but girl #3, Gerda, is game. The three return to Børge's quarters (Mrs P works the night shift), but Egon falls asleep from too much drink. Børge and Gerda have sex. Egon wakes up a little later, and takes more sexy snaps. The next morning, Gerda says that she'd like to move in with Børge. Børge will have none of it and tells her to leave.

Kirsten has got a job at the same company as Egon. They become friendly. By mistake, Egon has brought some of the sexy snaps to work, and Kirsten recognizes her husband. She gets the address out of Egon, goes to see Børge, but finds Gerda alone in the flat. A cat-fight breaks out, turning into carresses and some lesbian sex. Egon comes back from work and is surprised to find his colleague in bed with Gerda. The three have sex. Kirsten tries oral sex for the first time.

Børge, having had fun with the rich woman all night, returns next morning. He's more than surprised when he sees his wife in bed with Gerda and Egon. Børge and Kirsten quarrel, but get together again a little later. Egon and Gerda move in together. A mix-up between a picture of micro-chip and a close-up of an open crotch creates a success with a Japanese company, who place an order worth millions.

There's also a parallel story of Kirsten's parents and their neighbours, who do a bit of sophisticated wife-swapping (in the dark, so that the wives never find out). The effect of this is, among other things, that Kirsten's mother experiences the pleasures of oral sex, and fully appreciates it from now on. The last scene has her talking on the phone to her daughter, now back with Børge, who meanwhile pleasures her with his tounge. Kirsten has to put down the phone.

A clever little story, very well made and executed. The sex is sometimes hard core, but in brief, matter-of-fact glimpses (for fifteen minutes in film history it was like that. Then, someone found out that they could show everything all the time). Anne Bie Warburg is incredibly pretty.



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