< Dolce gola

Released: 1981
Director: Lorenzo Onorati as Lawrence Webber
Alternate Titles
  • Dulce garganta Spain
  • Que peut-on faire avec les femmes? (Bouche de velours) France

Males -

  • Paolo di Bella
  • Roberto Prosperi
  • Claude Belier plays Manuel

A young, rich couple named Sara (Paola Montenero) and Roberto (actor unknown) drive off to a house in the country to enjoy themselves. They get down to business pretty fast:

Sex scene 1: Sara (Paola Montenero) & Roberto (actor unknown):

Sara starts by giving him oral; they then switch to 69 with her sucking him and he licking her pussy. They proceed to the fucking with him on his back and Sara sitting on top riding him. The scene finishes without any cumshot.

Meanwhile, we also meet a gang of three violent criminals: a chubby moustachioed guy named Manuel (actor unknown), a nameless curly-haired guy who I'll simply refer to as 'Curly' (actor unknown), and an attractive brunette (played by Marzia Damon, using the pseudonym Kate Vasto). They are driving in a red car with a young girl they've kidnapped (actress unknown - impossible to really make out her face). The gang park the car out in the countryside, close to Sara and Roberto's house, and drag their kidnapped victim outside...

Sex scene 2: Manuel (actor unknown) & Rape victim (actress unknown):

'Curly' and the Brunette are holding the screaming girl who is raped doggy-style by Manuel. This scene is very short and is actually intercut with Roberto and Sara's sex scene. The vaginal penetration shots are only seen in close-ups, and the actor who plays Manuel most likely used a body-double for these shots. There is also no cumshot.

Sara and Roberto have just finished their love-making when they hear the girl screaming outside. Sara rushes to the window and sees the girl being raped. She also notices the rapists' car and the licence plate number, and wants to call the police. However, Roberto stops her and insists it's a bad idea to get involved. This causes a rift between the couple.

Later, back home, Sara is still upset and tries to stress down by hanging out with a friend (Guia Lauri Filzi). They go swimming in a pool and start kissing...

Sex scene 3: Sara (Paola Montenero) & Sara's friend (Guia Lauri Filzi):

After making out in a swimming pool, the girls retreat to a bedroom. After some mild touching of each other, Sara whips out a banana, peels it and has Guia suck on it. She finally inserts the banana in Guia's vagina and dildoes her with it for a while - much to Guia's enjoyment.

Afterwards, Sara tells her friend about how upset she is about the rape she witnessed and how Roberto didn't want to call the police. But apparantly, the girls don't see eye to eye on this issue and Guia ends up leaving.

Meanwhile, the trio of rapists are looking for a new victim. In a nightclub, the Brunette spots a dark-haired lady (Alessandra Messina) who is very drunk. The Brunette gets the drunken girl to come with her and lures her into the car. Manuel drives off, while the drunken lady is in the backseat with 'Curly' and the Brunette. They shred her clothes off and the brunette starts fingering her, which the drunken lady enjoys. Then they arrive at a house...

Sex scene 4: Manuel (actor unknown), Curly (actor unknown), the brunette (Marzia Damon) & the drunken woman (Alessandra Messina):

At the house, things quickly get more serious. The Brunette goes into something of a dominatrix role, with the drunken girl as her "slave". The drunken lady is commanded to suck Manuel's dick, which she does (but we never actually see his hard member since the girl's hair is always in the way). While the girl performs oral on Manuel, the Brunette dons a strap-on and proceeds to fuck the girl from behind. Curly wants in on the action but the Brunette isn't done yet; she takes out a ping pong paddle and starts to spank the drunken girl (not very hard, though). Finally, it's Curly's turn, and he gets to fuck the girl from behind (Curly's erect cock is shown only during vaginal penetration close-ups so he may have used a body-double). The drunken girl is clearly no longer enjoying things and says "no, no". The scene ones again ends without any cumshot.

Roberto is trying to patch things up with Sara and shows her brochures for places where they can go on holiday. Then there is a radio broadcast about a gang of three criminals (two guys and a girl) driving a red car who have assaulted young girls. Sara gets very upset and asks Roberto to leave. A little later, Sara accidentally runs into Manuel where he lives. She gets very frightened and leaves in a hurry. That night she has a nightmare about being assaulted and raped with a corncob by the rape trio.

Meanwhile, the Brunette and 'Curly' pick a new victim to abuse. They enter a shop where a young girl (Monica Nickel) is working. They force her to take them down to the shop's basement and make her strip...

Sex scene 5: The brunette (Marzia Damon), the shop worker (Monica Nickel) & Curly (actor unknown):

The shop girl is commanded to lick the Brunette's pussy and then to finger her. She obliges; somewhat afraid at first but she quickly starts to enjoy what she's doing. 'Curly' stands and watches the girls play and finally gets to join in. He fucks the shop girl from behind, so she gets sandwiched between Curly and the Brunette. Whereas the licking and fingering between the girls is of a hardcore nature, the shots of Curly's dick fucking the shop girl are once again only shown in close-ups and could well have been performed by body-doubles.

Sara can't stop thinking about Manuel! She is strangely attracted to him and sees his face everywhere. Deciding that she cannot resist her urge any longer, she goes to Manuel's house and finds him there. She steps out of her dress and throws herself at him...

Sex scene 6: Sara (Paola Montenero) & Manuel (actor unknown): Manuel starts to thoroughly lick Sara's pussy and then her ass, and he also briefly caresses her pussy with a riding crop. He then fucks Sara from behind and for once finishes with a cumshot on her butt. However, it's pretty obvious that the actor who plays Manuel used a hardcore body-double for the actual fucking, which is only seen in close-ups. Not sure if that's a body-double for Paola Montenero too but I assume that it is not since she does participate in all of her other hard scenes.

Afterwards, Sara seems to be feeling somewhat guilty but keeps on thinking about Manuel and continues to push Roberto away. Soon, Sara and Manuel have fallen in love. However, the Brunette and Curly get angry when they accidentally see Manuel and Sara kissing. The Brunette apparently starts some sort of blackmail against Manuel - forcing him to pay her money (this plot point was a little lost on me thanks to my very limited grasp of Italian).

Meanwhile, Roberto - having been rebuffed by Sara once again - runs into her friend (Guia), who tells him that Sara has a lover. Guia takes Roberto back to her place and seduces him...

Sex scene 7: Sara's friend (Guia Lauri Filzi) & Roberto (actor unknown):

Roberto first receives a quick blowjob from Guia before moving on to the fucking; with Roberto on his back and Guia riding on top of him. They finish with Guia giving him a second blowjob, and the scene ends without a cumshot.

Meanwhile, Manuel is beaten up by two thugs sent by the Brunette. Apparently, this makes him give in to the Brunette's blackmailing demands. So he goes to a café and joins her, Curly and a blonde woman (actress unknown) they have brought with them. Curly and the Brunette are unbuttoning the blonde woman's blouse and fondling her tits. Sara (who has followed Chubby) witnesses the incident from a distance. She is upset by what she sees and leaves. The now reuinited trio don't even notice Sara and leave with the blonde lady...

Sex scene 8: The Brunette (Marzia Damon) & the blonde lady (Mara Bronzoni):

The trio has taken the blonde lady to some sort of basement where she is tied up. The Brunette vigorously fingers and licks the blonde's pussy. Curly looks on very excitedly but Manuel looks uncomfortable and upset. Then the Brunette whips out a riding crop, lubes it and sticks it into the blonde girl's ass!

This makes Manuel lose it and he stops the Brunette before she can do anything else. Furiously, she pulls a knife on Manuel but before anything else can happen, someone yells "cut"! All of a sudden the director and various crew members pop up - we have been watching the making of a film. The blonde lady is untied and all the cast and crew members are laughing and joking on the set. The End!

This was one seriously weird film! Some may be put off by the rape and abuse scenes but in all fairness, these scenes are not very offensive. All the victims put up rather poor struggles and in most of the cases are even shown enjoying the experience. Regardless, the film is not very erotic at all. The abuse scenes and particularly the banana scene are anything but titillating but they do at least make Dolce gola a memorably different experience. This combined with the presence of Paola Montenero, Marzia Damon and Monica Nickel, three actresses who otherwise had careers in non-pornographic films, help make Dolce gola a real curiosity of a porno cult film. Recommended but most certainly not for everyone's taste.

Johan Melle


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