< Change de trou, ça fume !

Released: 1985
Director: James H. Lewis (Gilbert Roussel) as Stanley & Livingstone
Notes: Les Films du Rigoustin, Socai Films video, compilation

Males -

  • Alain L'Yle as Alain d'Aix
  • Jean-Pierre Armand as J.P. Armand
  • Cyril Val, uncredited
  • André Kay
  • Frank Mazard, uncredited

Thanks to prophilo and skin flick for the information.

The credited names Jules Leblanc, Paul Cosmos and Vincent Netin could well be complete inventions. Both female and male credits are in any case incomplete.

Female credits (possibly including a pre-op transsexual) -

  • Nathalie Fress (presumably Nathalie Lhermite)
  • Nadège Trognu (presumably Béatrice Vidal on the basis of the first name of one of her aliases)
  • Cécile Silon
  • Corine Desile
  • Evelyne Vallade (a known alias of Evelyne Lang)
  • Nina Duroc

The names Cécile Silon, Corine Desile and Nina Duroc could well be complete inventions.

A compilation which uses the linking device that the scenes are taking place inside the rooms and among the guests of the very grand Playapenardos Hotel (stock exterior footage), including at a 14 July fancy dress party. Captions before each scene also give some of the performers named roles (for the purposes of this compilation). Scenes:

  1. Chambre 421 Mr & Mme Foudutrou - Jean-Pierre Armand and Nathalie Lhermite
  2. Chambre 6669 Mr Red and Madame - André Kay and Béatrice Vidal
  3. Toilettes du dernier Mr. Van den Bitte & ?... - Cyril Val and Anna Lombardi
  4. Chambre 1274 Van den Bitte & Lucie - Cyril Val and Isabelle Mauchretien
  5. Chambre 411 Un tas de bons copains - Alain L'Yle, Jean-Pierre Armand, an unidentified male and a blonde pre-op trans-sexual
  6. Powder Room 4em - XNK7538 and Nathalie Lhermite
  7. Mr Foudutrou livre à lui même... - Jean-Pierre Armand and Isa Dery (looking slim, with short hair wearing a small red scarf and blue-and-white knee socks, with black eye shadow around only the left eye
  8. Chambre 218 Deux touristes - Evelyne Lang and another (different, difficult to cap) brunette (XNK7539) with blue and white knee socks
  9. Soir du 14 Juillet - Marianne Aubert with white clown face paint (all that is left of a Pierrot costume), Evelyn Lang (briefly in a Pink Panther outfit), André Kay, Frank Mazard (clowns), XNK7540 (large-breasted, brunette wig)
  10. untitled scene - Marie France with two unknown males (DP on a bed)

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