< La Caña En... La Castaña

Released: c. 1980
Director: Ignasi P. Ferré and Josep Maria Bruno
Notes: Spain (Catalonia), 49 mins.
  • XNK7290 plays the queen
  • XNK7291 plays Princess Clitorina
  • XNK7292 plays the lady in waiting of the princess
  • XNK7293 plays a servant of the princess and lady in waiting, les only
  • XNK7294 plays a kitchen maid

Some say the date of release was 1978, but if it was pre-1984 (likely), the release would have been very much under-the-counter; so no certain evidence of the date is possible.

It seems that versions were released with both Spanish and Catalan soundtracks, judging by one screen at the end which says the version viewed was "versió Espanyola". It lasted over 49 mins.

Full credits are given (apart from roles), but in a font which is an imitation of a medieval illuminated manuscript and which is thus very difficult to read. This was particularly so with upper case; so that the production company is doubtful. It looks like R.H.D., but only the first letter is certain.

It is diffcult to know what to make of what follows in the screen after "Presenta":


Lluis (L?), Estruc (E?)


Then follows the first half of the title (with the last part appearing at the end of the film).

Then the cast seems to begin:

  • Jorge Valero
  • M. Julia J. Fernández (Maria-Julia J. Fernandez?)
  • Xaviera Molins


The next group is preceded by an illegible word which looks like 'ainb'.

  • Brandy
  • Mary Flowers
  • Victoria Sànchez
  • Enric Celaya

la collaboració especial de:

  • Xavier Serrat
  • Ramon M. Ferré
  • Vicenc Griero

i le participació de:

  • Anna Crist
  • Isa Varder (or Darder)
  • Xavier Sagristà
  • Albert Garcìa
  • Lluis Miracle
  • Artur Saguèis
  • Valenti Sagristà
  • Antonio Pèrez
  • Conrad Saguèis
  • Ramon Ribas

After screens showing technical credits comes:


Ignasi P. Ferré

Josep Maria Bruno (Maria being abbreviated)

Four men have sex roles: the angler revealed as the prince, the cook, the king and the courtier who hides under the bed after being discovered masturbating by a chambermaid. There are several speaking, but non-sex roles, mostly male, and several extras.

A probably-inaccurate guess at the plot follows. A man in a ludicrous bird costume introduces the story and is seen later from time to time. The king and queen are awaiting the arrival of Princess Clitorina as the bride-to-be for their son. The princess is travelling with two female servants on a cart pulled by a donkey with an escort party. They stop for a rest. Some sort of magical spell seems to be at work in the kingdom turning everyone sex mad. The females wander off, the servants to have lesbian sex. The princess discovers a man fishing in a stream and seduces him. At the palace the princess's chamber is strangely next door to the kitchen and the cook and his maid can spy on her masturbating and she can spy on them having sex. She joins them for a threesome (or this may be in her dream). The princess attends a banquet with her lady in waiting, the king and queen and two courtiers, one of whom passes out, drunk. The princess leaves the table and is joined in her room by the angler. A male courtier is discovered masturbating in a bedroom by the chambermaid who runs off and, hearing someone approaching, he hides under the bed. The king, the queen and the princess's lady in waiting, all feeling amorous, enter the room and the queen finds the courtier's feet sticking out from under the bed. They all have a foursome. Then the king and queen discover the princess and her lover in flagrante, but everything turns out well as he is not really just an angler.


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