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Released: 2012
Director: Andy Casanova as Andrea Brancati
Notes: PigItalia, series 'Matrimoni all'Italiana'

Three vignettes, 105 min. The title-cards for episodes 2 nd 3 incorrectly transpose Francesca and Paola's names:

  1. Con un Marito Infermo. Michelle sits gloomily on a bed, while her invalid husband Daniele (David Ross) vegetates on a couch in the living-room. Her life is a living hell, and she must also reluctantly satisfy his sexual urges by exposing herself to him while he masturbates, as well as fiving foot-jobs and blowjobs (the BJ is simulated - nothing explicit is seen). Out of desperation she calls up Daniele's friend, Paolo (Manuel Fantoni). He proposes a solution. He goes over to her house, and they start making love in the bedroom. While they are fucking away, Daniele crawls to the room. The adulterous couple continues to fuck and Michelle gets a facial. Very difficult to be aroused by much of the sex portions of the scene, as the invalid husband soon makes his way to the room and makes unintelligible sounds calling out to his wife, who is too much involved in getting some sexual relief
  2. Il Trasloco. A married couple, Marta (Nencetti) and Marco (Andy Casanova) have to move house. Marco is too busy to lend a hand so he calls up his friend Arturo (played by an unidentified male) to help out. Marta is miffed, and plans payback. Arturo is soon playing up to her frustrations and they have sex on a bed in a variety of positions (anal, he jerks off in her open mouth)
  3. Mia Suocera. Marco (same actor as in scene 2) has separated from his wife Anna after five years of marriage, and is annoyed by her constant phone-pestering. His mother-in-law Luisa (Paola Mora) calls him up in the hope of making peace between the couple and he agrees to see her. But when Luisa comes over, she confesses her secret yearning for him and wants to find out whether she is a better lover than her trashy daughter (she takes an open-mouth facial from Marco). For someone who wants to show off her sexual heat and outperform her daughter, she provides a rather ho-hum performance. After this fuck, he should reconsider trading up with a better sex partner...

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