< Calda pioggia di sesso

Released: 1989
Director: Martin White

Credits are unreliable: Manya & Rossella O'Connor in Calda pioggia di sesso con Peter North, Valerie Dupont, Robert Malone, Cristine Love, Marina. Valerie Dupont seems to be an amalgam of Laura Valerie and one of Penelope Valentin's aliases.

Males -

  • Frank Mazard
  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Roberto Malone as Robert Malone
  • Sean Michaels
  • Peter North
  • Massimo Lotti

There are two as yet unidentified females plus the peeping Tomette )XNK7280) in scene 1 whose face is never clearly seen.


  1. Laura Valerie, Penelope Valentin, Jean-Pierre Armand, Frank Mazard, peeped on by a female
  2. Peter North peeps on Marie Noelly and XNK7277, later joined by Roberto Malone
  3. Manya and Sean Michaels
  4. Marie Noelly and Massimo Lotti
  5. Peter North peeps and then is involved - Marina Hedma, Sean Michaels, Peter North
  6. Laura Valerie, Marie Noelly, Frank Mazard
  7. Marina Hedman, Sandrine, Manya, XNK7278, Frank Mazard, Jean-Pierre Armand, Roberto Malone, Sean Michaels, Pater North peeps again
  8. Manya, Roberto Malone and a gearstick (in a car)
  9. Marina Hedman, Manya, Pater North, Roberto Malone

Scene order varies depending on version.


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