< Carmela... une si jolie petite fille

Released: 1981
Director: Alain Payet as John Love
Notes: Travelling / O.T.P., 75 mins. VHS Carrere Video, 82 mins. with no cast credits.
Alternate Titles
  • Carmela video Travelling, MPM/Best

Males -

  • Alain Payet plays the former boss, now the floor sweeper, non-sex
  • Carmelo Petix plays the former floor sweeper, now the boss
  • Dominique Aveline plays Armand, the former accountant
  • Guy Royer plays a worker
  • Eric Saville plays a worker
  • Christian Mazagran plays a worker
  • the voice of Jacques Couderc, the narrator

The film takes place in a peculiar factory. An off screen voice gives a brief portrait of the characters: the former boss who has chosen to become the factory sweeper (Alain Payet himself), Armand (Dominique Aveline) who used to be the accountant but made a 'mistake' and chose to work in the workshop instead. Two male employees (Guy Royer, Eric Saville and Christian Mazagran) who, although having good degrees, chose to work there. Françoise was the former boss's lover and thus, faithful to her ideal, is now the new boss's lover. Three girls who used to work in a now-closed whorehouse work there too and plan to have fun with the male staff. A bit later on we will be introduced to a fourth female employee (Marianne Aubert).

The first hot scene is a lesbian one between Cathy Ménard and Marie-Claude Moreau by the lockers. Then the boss calls for Françoise because something is wrong (we don't know what) and punishes her by introducing his penis in her mouth. A real nice face she has, but she does not really look comfortable in front of the camera. Marianne Aubert joins in till he comes in one of the two mouths, but the camera stubbornly remains on his face...

The next scene features Marianne Aubert with a male member of the staff (Eric Saville). Then Guy Royer has it off with Marianne Aubert and they are joined by Dominique Aveline. (The dubbed voices are stupid in the original French!). A bit later Cathy Ménard joins in for a foursome.

The boss brings in the platinum blonde employee for a talk about a pay rise which turns to sex and the girl leaves with a better job.

The next scene features Marianne Aubert with another member of the male staff (Christian Mazagran).

Eventually the boss gathers his employees (except the three former whores) and declares he will hand the factory over to them. They all celebrate it with an orgy. Notice how Françoise has trouble getting involved although Carmélo Petix and Marie-Claude Moreau do their best to bring her back to here and now. Anyway if Françoise didn't, Marie-Claude sure enjoyed the moment!



Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm which lists Carole Grove as appearing in the role, presumably non-sex, of the wife of the former boss, but no such character was seen in the version viewed.

Who the Carmela of the title is meant to be is a mystery.


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