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Released: c. 2000
Director: Roby Bianchi
Notes: Caffè Italia, DVD CI 007
Alternate Titles
  • Confessioni pornogra … fiche. DVD cover title
  • Fanny Bravo as Linda Marrero on the screen (Fanny Bravo on cover), as a blonde
  • Michelle [6]
  • Sheila as Sheila Stone on the cover
  • Silvia Meli as Silvia Melli (on the cover) and Kristall (on the screen), with short black hair

Males -

  • Remigio Zampa
  • Denis Martì
  • Eros Cristaldi
  • Robert Ribot
  • Andrea Pesci

Scene 1: Fanny Bravo wears a tight, short black dress and black panties. Scene occurs in a dining room. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal (three positions), facial (most goes on her breast, a few on her chin).

Scene 2: Sheila Stone wearing a long black jacket with white fur around it, pink sunglasses, star-shaped brooches in her hair, star-shaped earrings, black lingerie. She changes her clothes and puts on a red long-line bra, red gloves, black stockings and red and gold earrings and necklace. Scene occurs in a bedroom. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal (five positions), facial (most on the guy's belly, a few in her mouth), BJ clean-off.

Scene 3: Silvia Meli wears brown pants and pullover, black stockings and black and blue panties and bra. With Robert Ribot. Scene occurs on a couch. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal (two positions), facial (most on the floor, a few on her chin and in her mouth).

Scene 4: Fanny Bravo taking a shower. Scene occurs in the bathtub. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal (three positions), facial (some on her chin, breast and in her mouth).

Scene 5: Michelle wears a grey suit, a black headband (keeps it during the whole scene), black stockings, black bra and panties and black boots. With Remigio Zampa. Scene occurs in an office and in a bedroom. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal (two positions), boob jerking off, handjob, facial (some on the cock, some in the mouth), BJ clean-off.

Extras: pictures of the movie.

Ratings: Sex 5, Make-up 4, Clothes 5, Picture quality 5.

Comments: Great movie.



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