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Released: 1979
Director: Michel Berkowitch
Notes: Societé Nouvelle Cinévog, 75 mins. Originally intended as a soft title.
Alternate Titles
  • Christa 1986 DIA/Ovide, Acoel and Socai video releases
  • Christine Dir. given as Mark Berkwitch Italy, Boston Video, screen title, 59 mins.
  • Christine - la follia del sesso Italy, 59 mins.
  • Barbara Moose uncredited, in title sequence and a guest at the 'soirée'
  • Brigitte Lilan plays Martine, Christa's mother, soft scene
  • Brigitte Verbecq as Melodie, plays one of the audtioning lesbian couple
  • Céline Gallone as Celine, plays one of the audtioning lesbian couple
  • Chantal Bruneau plays Brigitte, soft lesbian scene
  • Elodie Delage uncredited, in title sequence and a guest at the 'soirée'
  • Elsa Maroussia as Maruccia, brief soft scene, plays François Delatour's secretary
  • Fabienne Abélard uncredited, in title sequence and a guest at the 'soirée'
  • Jane Rome plays Christa, softcore only
  • Juliette Elodie credited, but who is she? perhaps meant to be Elodie Delage
  • Olga Cris as Olga Bis, in dream sequence, archive footage from?
  • Sarah Sterling plays Igor's assistant
  • Sylvie Schmidt uncredited, plays the friend of the alcoholic, possibly not in hard version
  • XNK7130 non-sex, possibly Sarah Sterling playing Igor's assistant
  • XNK7131 a guest at the 'soirée', b/g sex scene on a white carpet
  • XNK7132 non-sex, Sylvie Schmidt?

There may be differences in the cast between the soft version as originally intended and the hard version; so some of those listed may not appear in the hard version. Also the Italian version is shorter and Piotr Stanislas does not appear in it. Le Dico (see below) credits Hubert Géral as being a guest at the 'soirée', but I couldn't see him in either the French or Italian hard versions.

Males -

  • Paul Bachet plays Olivier
  • Andraus Caillot plays Igor, Christa's father
  • P. Brioud plays François Delatour, Christa's boyfriend, soft scene with Elsa Maroussia
  • Jean-Pierre Armand (original and archive footage) in the title sequence and a guest at the 'soirée' and in dream sequence
  • Piotr Stanislas, brief, non-sex, plays Ivan
  • Gérard Grégory, as Gregory, a guest at the 'soirée' (not seen in the hard versions viewed)
  • Hubert Géral is mentioned in Le Dico as a guest at the 'soirée', but is not credited and could not be seen in the hard versions viewed
  • Christian Loussert, uncredited, in the title sequence and a guest at the 'soirée', uncredited
  • Claude Franck, uncredited, in the title sequence and a guest at the 'soirée'
  • Max Montavon, uncredited, plays Zouzou (who?)
  • Cyril Laffitau plays Igor's cameraman
  • Mao plays the singer (who?)
  • Cyril Chalumeau plays the alcoholic
  • unidentified male in b/g scene with XNK7131 at the 'soirée'

Christa is a frigid young woman who rejects the attempts of François to make love to her. Her father leads a film company. He and his wife engage a sex therapist (who uses the method of Masters and Johnson, or at least he says so), and under the guise of being a nephew from USA, he enters into the family. After dreaming of a girl (Olga Cris) assaulted in a field by Jean-Pierre Armand, however, Christa finds she enjoys sex. She decides to play a game with the 'nephew' - who has fallen in love with her - by refusing him and acting in a provocative manner. She calls in her friend Ivan, a Russian playboy (Piotr Stanislas). END.

Original sex scenes:

  • Céline Gallone and Brigitte Verbeck (with shaved pussy) do a camera test in front of the father of Christa - a lengthy lesbian scene.
  • three guys (including a bearded Jean-Pierre Armand) have sex with three women (Barbara Moose, Elodie Delage and Fabienne Abélard). (The same cast is used in the title sequence.)
  • Christa in a lesbian scene with her friend (not in the versions seen).
  • A man has a sex scene on a white carpet with a nice girl (very bronzed - XNK7131) at the 'soirée'.

Extra hard scene: Christa dreams of a girl (Olga Bis) walking in the fields who is attacked by Jean-Pierre Armand (with curly hair, indicating this is probably archive footage), and they have sex (fucking, BJ, petting).

Demster [amended]

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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