< Carl Ludwig, der Traumtänzer 1

Released: c. 1975
Director: Charlie Bundt
Notes: 75 mins., a second part exists
  • Britt Corvin prominent as a glamour/porn model in first dream
  • Inge Binder as Angela Fanck, Elionore Meyer, Inge Obermeyer, Heidi Scheu or Salamanda
  • Marita Kemper
  • Sigrun Theil as Samantha Simon, plays Frl. Himmelreich, Ludwig's secretary
  • XNK7307 as Angela Fanck, Elionore Meyer, Inge Obermeyer, Heidi Scheu or Salamanda, plays Ludwig's wife, non-sex
  • XNK7308 brunette in spectacles, non-sex, first dream
  • XNK7309 blonde in spectacles (7308 in wig?) first dream

Males include -

  • F. C. Barn plays businessman Carl Ludwig, the dreamer, non-sex
  • Kurt Meinicke

Other male names in the credits are Bernd Krüger, Andreas Berg, Mike Alexander, Silvano.

Thanks to beutelwolf for the initial information.

Deliria-Italiano.de says Sigrun Theil appears as Samantha Simon which seems almost certain because this name is the first of the credits and she plays the most prominent female role as Ludwig's secretary and the main character in his dreams.

There are various extras seen in more distant shots, such as a brunette receptionist (uncappable) at Ludwig's place of business.

Carl Ludwig is a businessman who daydreams at the office. The dreams feature his conservatively-dressed blonde, bespectacled secretary in much more glamorous guise. In the first dream he is a photographer whose models pose in the nude and have sex with each other, though one couple arrives apparently for legitimate photographs. The secopnd dream is quite brief and features Ludwig in a spaghetti western scenario as though guy who defends the honour of a blonde (probably Sigrun Theil, but the picture quality of the copy seen is very poor) whom he rescues from three thugs who have stripped her. There is no sex in this brief dream. Finally he dreams of being a policeman who, with the assistance of Sigrun Theil, busts a blackmail/robbery racket carried out by a prostitute and her pimp. Of course this ends with Sigrun and the hooker having a threesome with another male cop while Ludwig chases the pimp.


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