< Caldi Ricordi a Bologna DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Andrea Nobili
Notes: DVD Pinko
Alternate Titles
  • Hot Sex in Bologna
  • Lingerie Fine pour Top Models DVD available Colmax

Males: Franco Trentalance, Denis (D Marti), Lesly (Leslie)Taylor, Remigio Zampa, David Perry, Christopher (Christoph) Clark, Andrea Nobili.

  • The movie begins with Fanny walking around Bologna, browsing high-end boutiques. She then enters a room where Valentina, in white lingerie and black stockings. is lying on a bed with orange sheets. Sitting on a chair nearby is Nobili. The two women engage in lesbian sex and are later joined by Nobili (anal for Valentina, at the end she jerks him off over her breasts).
  • At one end of a very large sitting-room, on a small white couch, Trentalance (wearing a dog's collar) is engaging in some shoe-licking fetish with Kate [anal, he jerks off on her pussy and reinserts his dick in her ass for a few more strokes)...
  • .... while at the other end Marie Anne, in a blonde wig, is entertaining three men on another, larger, couch (Zampa, Marti, Taylor; anal, facial, Zampa jerks off on her ass).
  • Valentina, in a fur coat, enters a room in which there is a unidentified bearded guy; she removes the coat and starts blowing him. Then Perry enters and a three-way ensues (anal from Perry, she jerks him off all over her breasts).
  • Fanny in a room with Clark, Marti and Zampa. She wears a dress, large hat and long gloves, all black. She starts blowing them, then gets fucked vaginally and anally and is DP'd (Clark jerks off all over her pussy and stomach, Marti on her open mouth, and Zamapa on her face and open mouth).
  • The last scene is set in a kitchen. Marie Anne, dressed in a maid's blue dress, is preparing a cheese dish; sitting at a table nearby is Perry. They eye each other and he is soon stuffing a big black dildo in her snatch, quickly moving to anal (she jerks him off with some sperm landing on her face).

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