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Released: 1981
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard
Notes: included on Megastars 1 DVD and Perverse Dehnspiele für Arsche und Fotze DVD
Alternate Titles
  • Schulmädchen verrückt nach Sex West Germany
  • Tout fait jouir Barbara re-issue title

Males -

  • Hubert Géral plays Frederic
  • Jacques Gateau plays Nicolas
  • Gilbert Servien plays the film producer

This (untitled) movie is part of the Mike Hunter DVD retro compilation Perverse Dehnspiele which also covers U.S. productions Coming of Angels 2 and October Silk.

The names of some characters are different from what has been listed here. This might be due to the German version though I believe that it has been dubbed accurately. The title song "les caprices d'une souris" is very similar to Lio's 1980's smash hit "amoureux soilitaires".

Hubert Géral plays Frederic, a film director who's looking for a big deal. Things start off with a broken shower. Mimi (Claudia van Statt) calls for a plumber (Martine Schultz) who turns out to be a girl. After she has repaired it she gives it a trial and starts undressing. Barbara follows suit. When Frederic arrives the two girls pay some oral attention to him. They stroke his cock between their mouths as he jerks off. The girls lick his dick clean and finish the scene with some intense kissing.

Mimi who is Frederic's cutter, phones Gabrielle (Cathy Menard). She has dealings with the film industry. Mimi sits on the worktable as Frederic starts kissing her. His fingers slip into her pussy. He does a short doggy as the camera cuts to Mimi and Gabrielle fondling each other. When Frederic joins them both girls are dressed up again. After a short conversation Frederic and Gabrielle are left alone. He bangs her in the spoon position and unloads onto her thigh. She gives him the address of Nicolas (Jacques Gateau), a screenwriter whom he meets at an outdoor cafe.

Meanwhile Gabrielle tries to persuade a friendly film producer (Gilbert Servien) of Frederic's qualities. He accedes to her request but in return he demands sex from her. They quickly come to business. He strips off her clothes and he starts licking her perfect tits. He bends her over the table and fucks her from behind. There's some nice camera work capturing Cathy Menard's face as she intensely eyes the viewer. The old guy quickly reaches climax and jerks off on her tight cheeks.

Nicolas makes a call as his girlfriend arrives. Maria (Barbara Boutet) is a sweet blonde with a nice pair of tits. She quickly undresses and starts giving him head.

Then they move to spoon position on the ground. She is still naked as her girlfriend Veronique, a brunette with curly hair, enters the scene. This is followed by some short g/g action.

Maria visits Frederic. She climbs on top of him to give him a short ride. At the same time Mimi goes to see Nicolas to pick up his manuscript. Things develop quickly as she starts examining his dick. They do a short intense reverse cowgirl until he pulls out for a belly shot.

The producer is still not content with the manuscript. Now it's Mimi's turn to convince him. Sitting in his office she spreads her legs to give him a look at her panties. She stands up and strips off. They fuck in the standing position which is obviously a fake.

Meanwhile Veronique gives Frederic and Nicolas some pleasure. While she gets one dick in her mouth the other one fucks her ass in the spoon position. The scene finishes with two weak cumshots in her mouth and on her pussy.

Next scene takes place in a film studio. Gabrielle and Nicolas are lying in bed as she starts sticking his cock in her mouth. This is part of the film they make and they are surrounded by the whole crew. They move on to some pussy licking and 69 action. Nicolas then gives her a short missionary fuck before he cums on her bush.

The movie ends with an orgy in which the whole cast is involved. Their movie has been a great success.



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