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Released: 1977
Director: Jean Desvilles as Georges Fleury
Notes: Les Films Jean Desvilles / Alpha France, 79 mins., (video versions c. 72 mins.)
Alternate Titles
  • Filles impudiques 1985

Males -

  • André Chazel (simulated sex) plays Monsieur Libert, the boss
  • Thierry de Brem plays Jacques Lesueur
  • Alban Ceray plays the chauffeur
  • Richard Allan (Richard Lemieuvre) plays Paul
  • Guy Royer (in orgy scene) plays Charly

Jacques Lesueur is received by his boss who tells him he's got promotion and must go to Paris, thus leaving his beloved wife in their town of Pontarlier. The couple have problems: he thinks she has a lover. Yet they still make love. (Notice the definitely out of rhythm boring organ music in the soundtrack - no pun intended.)

The boss has an affair with his secretary (who wouldn't!) while his wife has it her way with his chauffeur in her bathroom.

So, the next day, the boss and Jacques are taken to the train station by the chauffeur... And off to Paris they go! First, the boss has organised some breakfast on the rue Chazelles where they are received by little Danièle Troeger. The place is obviously a brothel and Jacques, still worried about being away from his darling Chantal, has it off with Erika as his boss has some good time with Marie-Line Chanaud and a young African woman.

Later, the boss tells Jacques that he has organised another party with one Marie-Christine as a promotion gift.

Party time with the Lemieuvre couple, Guy Royer, Marie-Christine Chireix, the boss and his secretary, and Siegried Cellier who only watches. Why is Richard Allan dressed when he speaks with her whereas he was naked a few seconds before, inside Marie-Christine Chireix's mouth?

The boss phones Chantal and invites her out for the evening. In the meantime he goes out with Jacques who has heard the conversation and is the subject of the maid's fantasy!

On his way back with his chauffeur, the two men have a talk about their 'secrets'. We see Mme Libert and the chauffeur in the bathroom then on the bed.

Monsieur Libert has a good time with Erica and Chantal. His wife gets a phone call asking her to come to the Hotel Henri IV by 2 AM. She decides to throw conventions away and take the chauffeur along. When she gets there, her husband is through with the two women. She throws Erika out. He goes out too, but Erika meets the chauffeur and tells him she wants to marry him. They leave together and have sex along the way. (Beautiful Troeger, definitely a fond memory to me).

After being jilted by Chantal, Jacques finds himself back in bed with her and she takes (his) things in hand.

The plot is quite confused at times. The scenes lack spontaneity. Siegried Cellier never displays any pleasure. But Troeger is superb - must have been a model for some John William Waterhouse's nymphs back in a previous life. As for Martine Grimaud, here in a cameo, just imagine her as a Greek heroine. She was a real actress but never made it to real théâtre, trapped as she was in the world of X.

Prophilo (24/8/08)

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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