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Released: 1981
Director: Francis Leroi
Notes: Cinévog Productions, 70 mins., Blue One DVD (0:55:11) with Tout pour le plaisir and La Servante Perverse
Alternate Titles
  • Charlotte bagne le mutande Italy, 70 mins. (video)
  • Charlotte mouille sa culotte ! Alpha France video title
  • Charlotte mouille ta culotte !
  • Charlotte mouilles ta culotte (sic) Video, DIA/Ovide
  • Charlotte Wets Her Panties Alpha France English title
  • Looking Good 1984 USA
  • Süsse Lust junger Teens West Germany, Venus Video, 72 mins.
  • Cathy Stewart plays Poupée
  • Julia Perrin as Mary-Loup, plays Charlotte Charensol
  • Marilyn Jess plays "Julien" the blonde biker and also the dominatrice with the brunette wig
  • Sophie Guers as Bernadette Suceladeçou, plays Lisette Charensol, Charlotte's mother

Males -

  • Étienne Jaumillot, as Stéphane Ricci, plays Georges Charensol, Charlotte's father
  • Jean-Claude Baboulin, as Jean-Claude Sadien, plays Patrick
  • Daniel Trabet, uncredited, plays the dominant man

In order to be allowed to let her boyfriend in, Charlotte tries to get a hold over her mother who is sexually-ignored by her husband, by driving a man into her mother's bed. Her father takes some delight from the scene he gladly witnesses without objecting. Then, Charlotte asks her friend Poupée to seduce her father. In vain. Another friend (Marilyn Jess) helps her by spying on her parents on her bike. She discovers that her parents take part in sado-masochistic meetings (each dealing with dominant partners). She is then caught in the act of spying and she and her friend get a few smacks on their bottoms (no butts at the time!).

Summary of story by a contributor by e-mail.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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