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Released: 1987
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
  • Barbra Braun one of the prostitutes, either Barbara Helner or Arlette Leonide, probably Barbara Helner
  • Claudia Morini one of the prostitutes
  • Diana Auvers credited under another name, plays one of the prostitutes
  • Diane Suresne plays Francoise
  • Nathalie Christal plays Isabelle/Crystal
  • Valerie Sidy as Valérie Seller, plays Madame Regine
  • XNK0454 maid in the brothel, either Barbara Helner or Arlette Leonide, probably the latter
  • XNK0455 girl at bar and in fantasy sequence, probably uncredited, may play a character called Sophie

Males -

  • André Kay plays Francis
  • Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan (non-sex) plays Gerard, the husband of Nathalie Christal
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Monsieur Raymond, a client at the brothel
  • Laurent Parisi
  • Alain Lyle plays a client at the brothel
  • J. B. Doll
  • Rocco Siffredi uncredited, plays Maxim, a client at the brothel
  • Eric Dray uncredited, plays a client at the brothel
  • male at dress shop is the tranvestite who appeared in many French porn films in the late 70s and early 80s

The girl, duaghter of the maid at the brothel, who briefly visits the madam (non-sex) and the maid to Nathalie and Richard (non-sex) are unlisted.

Either side of the opening credits there is a scene where Nathalie Christal strips for André Kay but he makes her give a blow job to the waiter.

Isabelle is married to Gerard, an older man, and, though the precise details are difficult to follow, it seems as if she is unsatisfied sexually and has lewd daydreams which she acts out by working as a high-class prostitute.

Nathalie and Richard meet Francis and wife (or girlfriend), Francoise at the golf club. Then we see Isabelle and Francoise buying clothes and having a g/g session in the dress shop among the clothes racks. Francoise tells her about Sophie which triggers a daydream of a blonde (XNK0455?) in the 69 postion with a man.

After a converstaion with Francis at the club, Isabelle visits an apartment building with a plaque saying 'Madame Regine, modiste', a high-class brothel. She is persuaded to have g/g sex with Madame Regine. Isabelle wants to act out her fantasies, but when it comes to it she is reluctant. She leaves, but returns later. It is decided that her working name will be Crystal. Three girls are helping Jacques Marbeuf to celebrate (the blonde one is Diana Auvers, though she must be appearing under a different name here, the brunettes are XNK0452 and XNK0453). These girls seem to be called Sylvie, Michelle and Muriel, but it is unclear who is who. Later Isabelle reluctantly submits to having sex with him, but burns her underwear when she gets home.

Then we briefly see Gerard and Francis picking out lingerie.

But Isabelle can't keep away and returns to the brothel but backs out of wearing a rubber suit for a client with that fetish. She watches through a peephole as Claudia Morini serves his needs.

Alain Lyle arrives as a client and impatiently gropes a girl in a blue uniform and pink beret who has briefly visited Madame Regine. He is serviced by Barbra Braun.

Presumably by arrangement, Isabelle waits at the edge of a park dressed in a widow's veil. A Rolls stops and a man gives her an address. She arrives at an apartment where the butler dresses her in a long black veil and nothing else and places her in an open coffin. The client emerges from beneath the coffin and takes photographs then lies down underneath it and masturbates, getting up to cum over her in the coffin.

Francis visits Nathalie at home but she refuses to see him. This provokes another lewd daydream - at the golf club, Francis, Francoise, Isabelle and Gerard are sitting at a table and Francis and Isabelle get under it so that Isabelle can give him a blowjob.

A very young-looking Rocco, playing a character called Maxim, turns up at the brothel and has sex with the madam.

Impatient Alain Lyle grabs the maid (XNK0454) while she is vacuuming the brothel and has his way with her on the floor after giving her 500 fracns which madame Regine will not know about.

Maxim turns up with a friend (Eric Dray). Individually and sometimes together they have XNK0452 and XNK0453. Then Francis turns up as a client and has Isabelle. At the end he seems to return what looks like a document wallet to Isabelle and Gerard.

See notes to Les 7 derniers outrages.

DVD  24.95 EUR Orgazmik: Belle d'Amour Marc Dorcel
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