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Released: 1982
Director: Gérard Kikoïne as Alex Bakara
Notes: Beate Uhse Filmproduktion (Flennsburg) and Gold Productions (Paris) / Alpha France, 80 mins., Alpha France VHS 1 hr 16 mins. (NTSC timing), DVD Blue One (1 hr) with Chaudes adolescentes and Vacances à Ibiza
Alternate Titles
  • Bon chic, bon genre... mais avides de plaisirs
  • French Infernal West Germany, Tabu
  • Les Héritières du sexe

Credits say 'un film de Alex Bakara' - an alias for Gérard Kikoïne.

Males -

  • Ghislain Garet plays Ghislain, nephew of the deceased Edward
  • Alain L'Yle plays the chauffeur
  • Jerôme Proust plays the driver of the minibus
  • Marc Winandy plays the gardener
  • Sandro Lobus plays the man in the well wearing the blue hard hat
  • several more unidentified males in the nightclub scene

The video credits only Marilyn Jess, Claire Valdum and Gabrielle Temeza. This is the only IMDB credit for both Claire Valdum and Gabrielle Temeza and the names must have been invented for the occasion. La Revue du Cinema states that 'la soubrette' is Carole L'Yle and that three of the models are Marilyn Jess, Evelyn Lang and Eva Kleber, with Christine Glenne being the mistress of the nephew of the deceased and Moanie (Olivia Flores) being the niece of the deceased. There are various extras in the orgy/party scene. (Thanks to x_axis47 for the information and for part of what follows.)

Ghislain Garet and his sister, Aurore (or Moanie, depending on version?), will receive a large inheritance from their recently deceased uncle Edouard only if they can prove their moral rectitude. But the nephew has a mistress, Christine Glenne (who is also having sex with the chauffeur), and the niece is a bit of a nymphomaniac, going to be gang-banged in an out-house. The behaviour of the chauffeur, Alain L'Yle, with the maid, Carole L'Yle tempts their employers into further indiscretions.

Meanwhile an officer of the court is taking photographs of their behaviour, e.g. of Christine Glenne and Ghislain Garet having sex and Moanie masturbating in her room.

Then a minibus (driven by Jerôme Proust) breaks down nearby. The driver and his four female passengers, all models - Marilyn Jess (Mireille), Evelyn Lang (Jacqueline), Eva Kleber (Alissa) and XNK0033 (Joselle), are invited in and they further tempt the householders back into their dissolute ways.

They all have dinner, but the meal soon breaks up with Moanie having a g/g session with "Jacqueline"; the driver, Marilyn Jess and Eva Kleber having a threesome in the bathroom continued in the bedroom where they are joined by Christine Glenne, and the chauffeur has the maid on the dining room table. All this again photographed by the officer of the court.

Next morning the family waves goodbye to the minibus and a man approaches with bandaged head. It is the officer of the court, who has fallen from a tree while taking photographs - hence the bandages. He shows the family the pictures. They seem to tell him to go to hell and drive off to a club where we see a party/cum orgy in progress with the minibus occupants (except Marilyn Jess) also present. The officer of the court arrives and tries again but is mobbed.

Thanks to skin flick for some extra information.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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