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Released: c. 2006
Director: Fabio de Cesare
Notes: Italy, Geo Media

Notes by Len801. Music: ghastly, atrocious, horrendous and irritating as usual (harks back to those cheap nine-days-wonders released in the 1980's, with the cheap and endlessly repetitive/looped "musical" audio track overpowering and drowning everything on screen).

  1. Vera, Jessica. Vera is sitting on a park-bench, lustfully eyeing Jessica sitting across from her. Vera goes over and places her hand in hers. No words are exchanged, and the two women soon walk away happily hand-in-hand. We next find ourselves in a tacky 'oriental' themed living-room (huge fan on a wall, pink parasol in front an orange-covered bed), with Jessica nude except for black stockings, rubbing her pussy in anticipation. Vera approaches, half-dressed, quickly shedding her clothes. She gives Jessica a good pussy-licking, and Jessica begins to probe and stretch Vera's pussy with her fingers, until she can work her whole hand inside her, in missionary and doggy position. While the two women are relatively attractive and Vera has no problem taking Jessica's whole fist, the two show very little passion or chemistry. They just seem to go through the motions; and the static camerawork horrible bedroom setting do not help things either.
  2. Tamara, Teo Mantera (as Fabio Mangano). Tamara is the harassed secretary to a demanding doctor (Mantera). He orders her to give him a blow job, then he fucks her vaginally and anally as she leans against his desk. He begins to stretch her pussy with his fingers and is soon deep in her bald vagina. She grimaces a lot and seems to be in quite a bit of discomfort. He fucks Tamara vaginally and anally, and jerks off on her open mouth. Tamara just did not appear to be enjoying anything that was being done to her by the obnoxious Mantera (especially the forced throat-gaggin and least of all the fisting). Very unappealing scene.
  3. Mary, Isabella. The women are sitting at a table in a restaurant, blowing kisses at each other and holding hands. Isabella is quite attractive, unlike Mary. They leave, and when we see them again they are locking lips on a cot in their tackily-decorated apartment. Mary goes down on her. Mary, now on her back on the couch, allows Isabella to stretch her pussy with her fingers until she gets her whole hand inside. Then Mary returns the favour - she also manages to fist her deeply. Note: in a couple of scenes, in which Bellini is either filmed standing or sitting, she seems to be sporting an unusually large stomach (either she had a big lunch, flab belly, or perhaps a couple of months pregnant). If the latter, it would be hard to justify the decision to participate in fisting.
  4. Deborah, Nico Lewinsky (Lewinski in the credits). Nico seems to be some sort of a male escort, who gets a call from a lady who he finds sprawled nude, face-down on a bed. He works on her pussy with a big dildo then proceeds to fuck her vaginally and anally. Then he fists her, but can't seem to manage to get his whole hand inside her. He climbs on top of her and jerks off over her face (most of it lands on her chin). Very lame scene; Deborah is rather unattractive and makes silly artificial-sounding moans that greatly reduce what little enjoyment there may have been to the scene. Note: There are glimpses of Deborah and Lewinsky in the bathroom, in which at one point she pees in the bathtub. However these seem to be only found in the brief preview clips at the beginning of the movie. The streaming version I saw did not contain the bathroom action in the actual last scene in the movie - which take place in a bedroom.

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