< L'Anello del Diavolo

Released: c. 1990
Director: Max Bellocchio
Alternate Titles
  • Devil's Ring Pt. 1 Peep Video
  • der Fluch des Geldes – Teil I XY-Sex

Credits for part 1 seem to include those who appeared only in part 2 as well.

Males -

  • Alain L'Yle, as Alan Putansan, (appears briefly only at the end of part 1), plays Sergio
  • Yves Baillat, as Yves Bailard, plays Gianni
  • Frank Mazars, as Franck Mazars, plays Carlo
  • Star Trek (non-sex), plays Marco
  • Claude Stewart (Steward in pt. 2 end credits) plays Tony
  • Richard Lengin as Richard Voisin (not part 1) plays Riccardo
  • Giancarlo Bini (non-sex) plays Diavolo (the devil)
  • Jonatan plays Robert
  • Albertino Dandi (not part 1) plays Ladro
  • Joe Melbu (non-sex), plays Il Cuoco (the cook)
  • Meladine Prado (not part 1) plays Marcello

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