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Released: 1992
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Double Défi, shot in Perpignan
Alternate Titles
  • DinoVision 32 - Marianne On Tour
  • French Hustlers
  • Marianne on Tour Dir. falsely given as Dino DBM DinoVision DV232, one scene shorter than the French original
  • Bepsy plays Sophie (Défi end credits)
  • Deborah Wells as Béata (on DinoVision screen and French box cover, as Deborah Wells on DinoVision cover)
  • Marianne Aubert as Patricia Violet (as Marianne on French box cover), plays Marianne
  • Sandrine Sufne as Sandra Michel
  • Ursula Donovan as Ursula Donavan on the French box cover, but, unless there are two different French versions, her scene may have ended up on the cutting room floor
  • XNK6384 non-sex, as Marie Fouchette (Marie in the Défi end credits) or uncredited, plays a hooker
  • XNK6385 non-sex, as Marie Fouchette (Marie in the Défi end credits) or uncredited, plays a hooker
  • XNK6386 non-sex, as Marie Fouchette (Marie in the Défi end credits) or uncredited, in final orgy scene

Males in the DBM credits -

  • Christophe Clark as Christof Clark
  • Alain Lyle
  • Fabrize Sauzay plays Hervé the bodybuilder
  • Marc Delherbe
  • William Leguenne
  • Alexandre Leblond
  • Jean de Kernek plays the nightclub manager
  • Michel Ricaud plays the director

Sabrina (Sabrina Cadillac) is the transsexual.

The French box cover mentions Beata, Bepsy, Ursula Donavan (sic), Marianne, Sandra Michel, Sabrina, Christophe Clark, Alain Lyle and one last name - Lilith.

The German version shows only a glimpse of one scene, a nightclub attraction, a sort of race in which three girls move on their knees with their body imprisoned in a kind of wooden structure with a candle burning in the back.

No one matches the picture of Ursula Donovan on the box cover. Similarly the whipping scene advertised on the French cover box remains unseen in both the French and German versions. The end credits in the Défi version state that Ursula Donovan plays Sylvia, but her appearance was cut.

Thanks to skin flick for the extra information.


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