< Aus dem Tagebuch der Josefine Mutzenbacher DVD available

Released: 1981
Director: Hans Billian
Notes: A.B.-Filmverleih / Alois Brummer Filmproduktion, FUN775 video
Alternate Titles
  • Die heißen Nächte der Josephine Mutzenbacher DVD available originally the title of the soft version, then the title of the hardcore Herzog DVD

Males include -

  • Hans-Peter Kremser plays Loisl Kirchner
  • Peter Strasser plays Meister Wehringer (non-sex)
  • Peter Steiner Jr, uncredited, plays Dr. Peter Hofbauer
  • Sepp Gneissl, uncredited, plays Xaver Kirchner, Loisl's father
  • Siggi Buchner, uncredited, plays a patron (non-sex)
  • Erwin Neuhauser plays a musician at "Artists' Paradise"
  • the man (possibly Mark Fabinger, a name credited in the softcore version) who plays Herr Brockhoff in Im Liebesnest der Hippiemaedchen plays another character called Xaver, a client

Josefine Mutzenbacher runs a place named "Artists' Paradise". Dr. Hofbauer, a frequenter of this establishment, stages a surprise spectacle for the patrons, which serves as a pretext for an orgy. Josefine and her girls go to the country for a picnic where they encounter a hunting party of gentlemen. One of them is Herr Kirchner who tells Josefine that his good-for-nothing son Loisl is going to Vienna to learn carpentry. He sends Loisl to Josefine's house. Josefine and Annie give him a detailed lesson. Then, Loisl goes to Meister Wehringer to become his apprentice. Wehringer has an inquisitive sixteen-year-old daughter named Maria. Loisl tells her about his experiences at Josefine's house and attempts to give her a lesson himself. However, Wehringer catches them. He fires Loisl and says that he'll write to his father about his misconduct. In desperation Loisl goes to Josefine.

Hearing the story, Josefine gets interested in the girl. She goes to Wehringer and presents herself as Countess von Schwarzenberg. She gets permission from him for Maria to spend the weekend with her. She takes Maria to the mansion of a prestigious client named Xaver. After a game of billiard bowling, Josefine tells Uschi to take care of Loisl. Xaver deflowers Maria with the help of Josefine, followed by a session of group sex. Meanwhile Wehringer has learned about Josefine's true identity. He comes to Josefine's house to find his daughter having sex with two clients. He is enraged. He shouts at Josefine and leaves.

Josefine receives a notice from the police telling that she'll be put on trial for corrupting a minor. She makes a plan. She'll have Maria and Loisl married. Thus she will be acquitted and Maria will be free to live as a prostitute. She gets a fake virginity test result for Maria from Dr. Hofbauer. It's been a week since her initiation and she has already slept with thirty men. Maria thanks the doctor and the nurse the way she knows best. At the police station, Josefine submits the test result and gets busy convincing the police commissioner while Uschi takes on his clerk.

The police commissioner finally gives in when Josefine promises him Maria's virginity. Charges are dropped and Wehringer gives his consent for the marriage. At the wedding party, there is the inevitable orgy involving the guests and Josefine's girls. The film ends with the police commissioner taking Maria as promised, while Josefine has sex with Loisl.


DVD  23.99 EUR Orgazmik: Die heissen Nächte der Josefine Mutzenbacher Herzog Video
   26.00 GBP Your Choice: Die Heisse Nachte Der Josefine Mutzenbacher Herzog
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