< Les 7 Pécheresses

Released: 1984
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Ski'l video, 54 mins.

Males -

  • Patrick Dauffin plays the Salvation Army preacher (le redompteur)
  • André Kay
  • Sylvain Darcy
  • Sandro Lobus
  • Pjotr Stanislas, uncredited, or possibly credited as J. C. Duluc
  • Chris Koke
  • Eric Dray, as Eric Deray, non-sex, appears in the preacher's audience only
  • Serge Cibelle (from the order of the credits) non-sex appears in the preacher's audience only

A man and woman (Christine Verger) in Salvation Army uniforms deliver a reading of some religious texts somewhere in the woods in front of a group of people. Some of the audience have daydreams involving, in order of appearance:

  1. Marianne Aubert (her daydream) and André Kay
  2. Nadine Proutnal (her daydream) and an unidentified male
  3. Brigitte Verbecq and Pjotr Stanislas (his daydream)
  4. Sylvie Door (the daydream of a female in the audience - it could be Sylvie Door, but doesn't quite look like her) and an unidentified male
  5. Béatrice Vidal (her daydream), Agnès Ardent and an unidentified male (Sylvain Darcy?)
  6. Nadine Proutnal and Sandro Lobus (his daydream)
  7. Sophie Pressle (her daydream), Agnès Ardent and an unidentified male (Chris Koke?)

These could be clips from other Ricaud videos. Agnès Ardant and Brigitte Verbeq appear in the daydreams but not in the audience of the preacher.

At the end, when everyone has become bored and left, the two members of the Salvation Army have sex in the woods.



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